How thoughts are processed?

At work this week, my coworkers ragged me on my diction. It’s not the first time, nor will it be the last. Our office requires a thick skin. I had issues as a child that affected the way i speak and this likely gave way to my parents and other support structure to care less about my articulation. I would imagine that they were happy that i were actually talking. 

I’m told that one of my sisters, the one who is two years my senior worked as an interpreter. I’ve seen a friend’s children do the same; they were twins (boy and girl) and the boy was difficult to understand. I would utter jibberish in a scratchy or screechy manner and she would say “he wants a peanut butter and jelly sandwich” or whatever fit the bill. I know from watching my friend’s kids that it must have been difficult for my parents. I felt a bond with those kids because of this. 

He has said how he thinks before, but he stated it again after I made a statement. I said that I think in images, then convert to words. Listening is difficult, I really need visual stimulus to understand any complex problem. Whereas my coworker thinks in sound. I attempted to continue the conversation a bit, but work got in the way. I would imagine that he does wonderful in a lecture style classroom and I may fail in that situation. I need a book or the like to really soak in the lesson. 

There was another in the room with us and I wonder how his thinking works. I would put $ down on the auditory version. Yet it could be of a whole different design. How many ways are there? That is purely as a main type, obviously we all learn from all forms, we would not make it in society if it was all or nothing, much less make it to the engineering careers that we are in. 

Are there [main] modalities of learning for each of the five senses or is there just the major two inputs, eyes and ears?


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