I wonder how common it is for folks to root for Dexter. I watched the series over a year ago. The show is on my top ten list for certain and I’ll likely view it again one day. Dexter is a bit of a hero to me. Harry (with help) gave him a code to live by; without that code, Dexter would have not been heroic by any means. 

The code guided him to murder people who deserved it from a moral perspective. The ones that the law of the country couldn’t convict, but could be proven guilty through unlawful means. He broke the code occasionally, but every hero has their moments of weakness. He helped to remove the scum from the streets. 

Most people think vultures and buzzards are villain styled animals. Disgusting and vile and would rather never see one around. If there weren’t buzzards in the countryside, who would clean up all those dead dear that get slaughtered by vehicles year round? Rotting corpses are turned into skeletons thanks to our carrion craving aves. 

I’m thinking about this today because I’m watching the Netflix show called The Fall. The psychopath on this show is not a hero, but he is intriguing. I still root for him somewhat. Like he is just a man trying to do his own thing and the cops are out to get him. Perhaps it is just cause I mostly detest cops; some are good people, I admit. The standard overly judgemental, power thirsty, above the law, by the book, closed-minded, and self righteous attitude is what I despise – police or not. 

The world needs a variety of types of people and personalities. Without properly guided psychopaths or sociopaths we as a people would not be able to move beyond some of the toughest decisions.  


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