is all i can say. it has grabbed a hold of me and it could bring me down. but it is just my cheap entertainment method while i try to get my finances in order. i am so behind on my truck and insurance. with a holiday a month ago, then 2 days sick, now a hurricane day for friday. that’s 4 days off unplanned that is throwing off my money supply. that’s about 500 bucks. that’s directly after getting caught up enough to buy a couple toys. one being w.o.w. and the other a bike that i’ve yet to ride due to the flat tire that came with it at purchase. i barely was caught up, spent an extra 400 bucks or so. and that brought me current with mortgage and truck payment… then the holiday, then the sick, 3 days out in two weeks puts me out around 350, that’s a bad strike of pay. now number three, as it comes in threes, is a hurricane. and what to do with that, i may want to leave town if it looks nasty. but then again, most everyone i know could care less. if i stay and die, it’s just with everyone i know, right?
i sit here and type only after the game crashed on me and i decided to get on here and plug away at my thoughts for a moment. i have not written much since i got sick and also hooked on the game. i’ve saved a couple things not-public. i’ll try to stick with it again

it’s running on 10:45 now, i’m gonna give it a go for a few. likely til midnight but i hope not.


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