Retirement Number

There is the deal of a number needed to establish the goal of retirement. My goal is 8 years from (now), really from a year ago, to reach 400,000.

At current I am invested with 1,400.

  • I have 300, mostly in queue to be spent, in a popular brokerage account.I only plan to invest into dividend stocks. My current stock is in BX. I picked them because I saw a couple stories that made them look good, and on a rebound. They payout a 7% apy (~1.75%/quarter).
    • I expect to add a chunk as soon as they drop from current 27 to 24, where I will buy all I can. Hoping to get in some of that undercutsyou groove.
    • By year’s end, 4 full months, I plan to have another 600 in this account, looking for another stake to buy into.
  • 50 bucks in one P2P lending site. I have plans to add a weekly deposit, but with strained financials I haven’t done so. It’s either split the p2p with the other company or just put it there.
  • 1,050 into my main investing platform. Using a peer to peer lending site, the outrageous looking prospective gains are great, but even when looking out long-term prospects, the earnings looks substantial. I anticipate 8 to 14% interest the first year. I do expect to clear a good 9%. And this investment can provide a fair cashflow opportunity once heavily invested.
    • For instance, at a payment scheme of 3% each month (avg principal + interest), if I have 1,000 in there, there’s 30/mo to use as income as needed. That is not much, but with 50,000 in there, that would be 1,500/mo. That would certainly bleed you dry in no time, but it is there for a backup if needed.
      • By comparison: 50,000 in
      • 7% stock…875 per 3 months

The goal of 400,000. this divides into 25 chunks of 16,000 (1,333/mo).

My goal of having 400,000 by May 2023 will provide me at minimal 25 years of 16,000 chunks which at 1300/mo will cover expenses since I will have fine-toothed them by then and ditched the fancy vehicles and the house of toys.

But more likely that that, 400,000 @ moderate risk of 6% apy. the income this generates is 24,000/yr. If i removed only 16,000 that year, there would be an extra 8k. Likely, what will happen is that I will never touch that 400,000 for my own use, but it will build on itself and snowball to over half a million in the next five years. I will be living on my own budget, from whatever job I have at the time. Living like a contractor, the way it is supposed to be.

Even if I needed to live on it, I expect I will be developing a business or developing ideas towards the next energy boom. Working in my mountain loft, drawing on CAD and jotting in a blog.


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