Training Day 5 (still ill )

As a good sign, upon waking this morning, I was hot from the temperature in the room. Opposed to just sweating while feeling cold. While writing this, I am sitting under a fan in temperature that is likely around eighty two degrees. I should be sweating and feeling warm as this house is always too hot for me these days.

The headache is still in the left side of my forehead around my eye socket, as it has been for the last thirty hours or so. My hunger has only barely returned and my strength has regained a little bit, yet not fully. I feel that the sickness will go away over the course of the day. At the least, I will be just short of well by tomorrow.

As for my “training”. It is going badly. On a good note though, I am down in weight by about ten pounds. My current weight is at 250.5 (from 261 last week). A couple pounds of that is a lack of bulk in my colon, yet I am near fully hydrated as I make a point to drink plenty of water. Mixed in my water is a magnesium supplement that my chiropractor had recommended to me on my latest visit.

It only 11:00 am, I will probably have more to say on this post later tonight. As of now, I will sign off and get my tail back to sleep. I should take some melatonin to aid in that goal. I must have slept 22 hours yesterday. I really should go layout in the sun a bit first, to increase my serotonin to balance my hormones.

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