Down with the System

In many aspects, the system truly needs to come down.

Over the past couple of weeks I have had practically all of my creditors phone me due to the post office returning their mail. This is because I have not checked my mailbox in over two months. I know that is a bit of sloth on my part; however, why does it really matter to the U.S. Postal service that I check my mail or not? It isn’t like they pay mind to who lives at the house in the first place, they have been sending mail to my house that has the name of the guy who owned the house previous to me. They send mass amounts of mail to a designation of “whoever lives here” in the form of junk mail. I really wish I could forego that mail. It turns to trash immediately after checking it, just as does the previous owner’s mail items. Sure, occasionally I look at their mail to see what kind of people they were, but it still goes to trash. There’s never cash inside, so it is pointless.

Initially there was more to my statement, but by the time I finished my short rant I was distracted by other things and forgot what I would have said. There certainly is more to it. I am a rebel to the ways of this time. It irks me to no end how society creates normals out of so many life choices while punishing the subnormals for breaking their traditions.  “Abnormals” was my first terminology, until spellcheck showed me subnormals and I looked up the difference. Perhaps the wording of subnormal fits better since it is used to describe how we are “not meeting standards or reaching a level regarded as usual, especially with respect to intelligence or development”. That is the way it is looked upon. Many examples could follow suit. Whereas abnormal is only a deviation from the usual, in a way that is undesirable or worrying. Both fit the bill for the usage.

. . . to be continued later,,, i must try to get some sleep before i stay up too late and begin the day tomorrow tardier than my normal . . .

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