Training Day 3 *HydroTherapy*

The day officially starts at 12:01 am. I did not sleep until 4:00 am. And I awoke at 9:00 am. It has only been an hour, but it sure feels like longer.

I certainly am a bit sick today. I never want to admit it, cause then my fate is set. I deny it until the moment that my head is weak and I have congestion in my lungs or associated symptoms beyond a runny nose.

I will attempt several methods to aid in recovery, where a few have already been applied in one dose. These prescriptions or cures were discovered while I was talking to various ladies. As I am fairly attracted to those that believe in somewhat crazy ideas; most people would certainly say they were a bit off their rockers. There were also several injuries that I received over the last few years that these methods were successful in treating.

  • HydroTherapy: the way that I use this technique is simple, but slightly frightening and counter-intuitive at first. We were always told to stay out of the cold raid all throughout the year, for fear that we will catch a cold. While this may be true, I am weary of this after performing hydrotherapy on myself with desirable results.
    • Method: get in the shower and start the water. It is a good idea to go ahead and play with your hot/cold knobs and decide what is the most heat that you can take on your skin and feel mildly uncomfortable (you do not want to burn yourself, but you can take more heat than first realized). Find the top heat and make a mental mark or use tape, etc. so that you can turn to it quickly.
      • In this case, I will use my chest as a concentration point, initially, for the hydrotherapy, yet as it progresses and the sensations are dulled – I tend to do it across the whole body. Bathe yourself in the heated water for any amount of time, preferably up to two minutes (I tend to go for 45 seconds or so).
      • At the end of the 45 seconds you should turn up the cold and completely remove all heat from the spigot. The typical groundwater temperature will be at around 60 degrees Fahrenheit and this is plenty cold enough. Now sit in this water till your body goes numb or around the 45 second mark again.
      • Rinse and repeat for as long as you can stand it. While you do, you can typically go hotter with the heat each time because the cold water numbs your flesh and nerves.
        • The scientific reasoning behind this is to the affect that cold temperatures applied to the skin surface (water in our case) will cause the blood vessels in your skin to flee the surface, while the heat on the skin will cause the blood to engulf the surface with blood. The cycle of this blood from in and out from the skin causes a refreshing or recycling nature.
          • Bring in the new and take out the old, like bringing your trash to the curb each week to let the garbage man take the trash to the dump. He drives the roads (blood vessels) to the dump (liver, kidneys, etc.) and then you can refill the can with trash so that he can come back the next time and remove it again.
        • This is akin to the way that a bruise works. Bruises are one of nature’s bandages. The bandage heals your body by causing an increased blood-flow to the area of the injury, engorging the area with extra vitamins, minerals, and who knows what all!
      • The technique can be used on acute injuries, sickness, and perhaps even anxiety and other various illnesses. I tend to go for a few rounds until I feel a little weak in the legs, as this will deplete some of your energy in the process. It may take ten to fifteen hot/cold cycles until this is achieved. REMEMBER: the more cycles, the better. It is always a great idea to bring a chair into the shower. Chairs for showers can be found for elderly people at almost any drop-off charity location such as a Good-Will store.
  • Weighted Spinningthe source is unknown to be, as to where I got a partial of this technique, whereas most of these techniques were learned recently and I recall the initial websites where they were learned from. However, this has been in my mind since the days of high school and I have used it several times over the years with success (??). The uncertainty arrives from this being an exercise that helps in prevention more than anything.
    • I read that an old American Indian technique of reducing the chance of catching colds or sickness is as follows:
      • Find a short and fat log that has a hole through the center, long ways, string a rope through it, leaving enough slack that when you place the rope around your neck like a yoke on an oxen – you can pickup the log with your legs by standing-up a few inches. Now take this heavy log and swing it around. Do not use your neck to support the weight, that is merely to gauge the length of rope to use. Spin and allow the log to drag your body around a bit. Spin until you get too dizzy to keep going or fall-down or drop the weight.
        • From what I recall, the theory behind this involves a couple of factors including:
          • stretching the arms, lungs and chest cavity
          • increasing flow of lymph fluids
          • spinning which is also part of the 5 Tibetan Rites
          • helps to open lungs through low-level cardio
      • Affects of this are to be used at the first sign of sickness. I will not be performing this today, as I am beyond that point. However, it could still be great.
  • Herbs: the most magical foods that we have at our disposal. There are many herbs in our world and people take them for granted by using them as mere spices. They are powerful substances. When used in the correct settings can achieve great remedies. I really don’t have many at hand, nor do I really know much usage for them, just a bit from occasional interest. For me, at this time, I will stick with garlic and chamomile, as these are the only two that I actually have at my house and know what to do with.
    • Chamomile has a calming affect which aids in relaxation and can help to wander off to sleep when using. Providing pleasant dreams and if not taken correctly, can aid in missing your alarm clock in the morning.
    • Garlic has an extraordinary anti-inflamatory role in the body and provides many other benefits, enough to overwhelm this article with its own description.
  • Stretching: for obvious reasons, stretching helps to alleviate bed-ridden patients with the prevention of bed sores and discomforts. Loosens tight areas and gently massages joints.

I used all these methods except the weighted spinning, but I did do some spinning once as a query. I am sick still. I initially wrote this post on Sunday and it is now Tuesday. I was bed-ridden all of Monday, except for the time in which I laid down in my truck and got some sunshine, and then drove to my mom’s house where there are better comforts for being sick. I did not want to go over there, due to spreading the contagion. But that was talked out of me by her and I went on over. Since I am officially in the day of “Training Day 5”, I will back out and start a new page.

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