Training Day 2

Day 1 of plan was to rest. How’s that for a winning plan?

Day 2 plan was to get out and do some yard work and stretch my overly tight body. Do a bit of yoga perhaps. Just ease back in to the exercise regime.

How it has turned out so far is that I slept in til noon and woke up to watch some Netflix for a couple hours. That was a nice rest. I did fall asleep at around 7 pm and had only a couple hours of intermittent waking for television. After waking, on a trip to the bathroom I did ten squats and stretched for a couple minutes. All that sleep helps to makeup for my three hours per night of sleep that I managed to get each day this week.

However, I feel a tightness in my throat and it gives the appearance of a sickness coming. I do not get ill very often, so I am a bit worried that I might be coming down with an end of summer cold. Those are always the worst; I dread the idea of it. In this case, I am taking it easy. I plan to get up and stretch here and there, between video games, television, and napping.

I just got back from the grocer and while I was there I felt somewhat loopy. The sensation was compared to the way you feel when you are coming off of drugs or tobacco. A feeling that makes you wonder if you look crazy and gives urges to leave the area from other people, before you either breakdown and give in to the addiction or want to commit murder to a random civilian. That same sensation is a major factor that keeps me in the habituation of tobacco still to this day.

Either it will pass within a couple days or I will get in full sick mode which will practically devastate my financial status or require me go to work and spread my contagion to the other engineers.So, for now, I will not begin my training.

My sister wants me to list my training plan, so I will  make a post on that subject momentarily.

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