blog template + short rant

Last night, while watching the Netflix, I drew up a couple sketches of what I’d like to have this blog look like. I just need to add some catchy phrase on the header.

And learn how to make those changes. This is a learning experiment after all.

I don’t really have anything I do that is not goal based. Except watching netflix and playing games occasionally. Well not fully occasionally, I just started back on the WOW for a little bit. I don’t think I’ll last long though, it isn’t near as fun as it used to be. But then again, I did just play 2.5 hours like it was nothing. And I’m sleepy on top of it, from the start.

Maybe there is a subliminal goal there: see how sleep deprived I can get throughout the week.

Seems like a bad goal though.

Oh, yeah, the other crap goal that I get in my head. Twofold. When I get in depression mode, like I have had in the last couple years a few times, due to life changes, I see how FAT i can get before I decide to lose weight. It isn’t hidden. I think it to myself. See how stuffed I can get without feeling like doodoo…And as the second fold, while already feeling like doodoo, see how many more Debbie Cakes I can cram down my esophagus.

It’s a bad cycle.

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