function vs the way it is always been done

On the way home today, I got to thinking about cars and building the one that’s been on my mind… aerodynamic, functional design, small and efficient, but with room for power. Anyhow, I got to wondering, as i have before, what can an engine look like besides when it is all clumped up in a bundle?

As in, if I spread out all the components to an engine compartment and fit them as flatly, in a way as to keep the skyline as low as possible.

What exactly is the point of this exercise? To discover a newer design is engine compartmentalization. It is hard to imagine a spread-out engine. But the idea, generally is, how much can it be opened, so that a mechanic has the ability to access many more components than is standard. How much can this mass bulk of engine be spread around a bit larger of an area, but to do so with the utility to pull out assemblies of builds at one time. Instead of having to remove forty hoses and ninety screws to get to the tiny sensor that is at the pit of the engine block.

Also, within this same spectrum of thinking, how can the engine be divided into 2 portions. having the bulk of the engine in the rear of passenger(s), while using the portion of empty space in front of the driver’s feet.I am uncertain as to how it could be broken up, but perhaps put some of the electrical components and batteries alone in one spot. Maybe even the a/c or other small components.

In the design that is in my head, the call would have a bit of a rounded rear-end. The rear tire would likely be larger than the front and the rear end would house the engine. the front cone of the car would have a void between the front bumper and the driver, for collision safety.

Enough for now. I will think on it more. I should lookup engines and their components and setup some type of illustration of the assembly.

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