chart of my finances

One of the functions of this blog, will be to outline the advancement of my financial investments. I am in an aggressive mode to increase my passive income by leaps and bounds. The feat will be quick, within years, but slow to watch on a daily basis. Yet it is important to note the journey and watch the statistics of your past so you can understand your mistakes.

At this moment, my main cache of money is tied up in a p2p lending site. it is around 1,050. It consists of 42 loans of $25 each. 97% of the loans are great, giving excellent returns. Over the last three months, I have already gained 3% interest off of the thousand. So that number projects to 12% per year. However, the peckerhead who is over 20 days late and the other guy who just breached the 16 day late mark are messing up my percentage. Seeing 2 of 42 notes nearing their default status is depressing to think 4.7% of your loans are approaching default. what happens when more people stop paying their loans.. and it will happen many times… there is a good reason why the loan range that I target start of as (avg) 25% interest and then end up with a year average at 8.5% profit.

That number is a jaw-dropping loss of 2/3 of your profit over a couple year’s span, averaged out. Start out strong, end weak with a ton of defaults. We will see. I should look at the numbers of an established blogger than I watch. He uses this p2p site and designates a page to give updates to his archives of results. He seems to like the returns and I value his input, so I will attempt to begin that process myself.

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