new about page

I looked around this site manager and can’t seem to figure out how to transition my about page to a blog style post and move “this” page to the about spot.

I could just copy/paste to move text…anyway. I plan to write a new about page. I’m about to scribble ideas & reason to think about.

Aspects of a real About Page:

  • I could likely have been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD or whatnot, but I am introspective enough to control it with drawing or legos or whatever is nearby.
  • These posts are likely to be sloppy and ignorant to some facts, due to not caring about said subject at the time. But I will clearly acknowledge when I am talking out of my rear.
  • Due to scatterbrain, most of these posts will be incomplete with plans to finish in the future… so all essays remain full intact, even if not wrapped up fully, just in case I never care to return to the subject matter.
  • An About Page always needs a bit about who I am without disclosing my entire identity (for now).
    • This can go as:
      • This site is in the early phase of a student who decided to skip another poor semester of classes at the tech school. Instead, I decided to buy a laptop and install a ton of various coding applications. Bought one book, then realized I wanted to foray into a less structured style of learning.
      • I decided to start a project. Act like I am at work: the manager would ask, “can you design a new system of tooling for…”, the answer has to be either yes or an understanding that you will learn what you have to do keep your stinking job.
      • As for the website owner, I am currently working as a tooling designer for a small aerospace manufacturing facility. I use CATIA here and have used it for my previous 2 years at a different (larger) aerospace company. I have three years experience in design. My education is a Diploma for Welding and an Associate’s degree for Drafting at a local tech school.
      • For now, I love the career that I have picked, though I am very underpaid at the moment. That needs to change. I have seen the tense corporate environment of the large engineering company. And now I am in a fairly laid back office, where we cut-up all day and still work too hard, but is much more comforting than the cubicle jungle
    • That feels wordy but like it isn’t enough either.
    • I am quite certain that my posts will tend to be quite lengthy at times, rambling over nonsense like a lunatic.
  • This site needs some structure; an organization of how to store files, not to mention… how do i even store them in other than the one location…. i got to get down with the coding soon here.

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