concept cars

In the last few weeks, my spare time has been largely spent watching Netflix while laying in bed and drawing. I have always felt urged to draw out what I am thinking of. I experiment with ideas in my head and turn them into real visions by way of sketch. Most times it is just circles and doodles, i’ll put great detail into one drawing, to stop midway and redraw it to make my instantaneous point more clear, then i’ll revise and edit to what would be a mind numbing state of madness for some people. I have been wanting to keep a collection of the good ideas. For the sketches that strike me in the eye for unknown reasons; I have carried one in my pocket for weeks before… and that was just a picture of an eye with a rush of light leaving the pupil. It doesn’t have to be a spectacular looking drawing, but the right idea put on paper and then brushed into memory is the intention.

My problem lately, is thinking about a vehicle design that crosses the line of car, truck, and trailer. Rather, create a modular design that can be upgraded and maintained. My initial concepts have priority of sized to fit a six foot five person well, while keeping a small frame that can be perched above a larger than normal ratio of wheelbase width to car body width. A predominant theory is keep the body panels and structure below it as close to circular (spherical) as possible. Also, using a full underbody cover and a properly sized and placed fresh air intake. I really need to look into it again, but for overall aerodynamics I have read that an egg shape but with the tapered end to be extra tapered into a boat tail shape. Or other shapes would be in line with aircraft wings – smooth contoured shapes with a smooth outer frame. Using video camera mirrors instead of ears on the car. Other things like that to decrease drag as much as possible and still allow nice acceleration.


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